Private Property Impound Services

TRS 24HR Towing Of Salem is the leading provider for Private Property Impound Service’s throughout The cities of Salem Oregon and Keizer Oregon. TRS 24HR Towing Of Salem not only adhere to State ORS but also to Oregon Landlord Tenant Law’s which add’s much needed personal protection to our clients. TRS Installs all signs at no charge and maintains the postings throughout our service agreements.

Parking Enforcement
Parking Permit
Fire Lanes
Abandoned Vehicle
Reserved Parking
For Sale Cars
Loading Zones
72 Hour Notices
Unauthorized Vehicles
Unauthorized Parking
Un Operational Vehicles
Free Parking Signs
Double Parking
Vehicles Blocking

TRS 24HR Towing Of Salem proudly provides services to Commercial and Residential Properties.

Are You Legally Posted?

All postings are to be 4ft to 8ft
Posted at each entrance (within 20 Feet)
Tow Sign’s are to be prominent.
Towing Service consent letter is Required.
Tow Co signs stating violations and monitored enforcement hours.

These are just a few of the violations of which may cost Property Owner’s and Property Management Co’s a loss in a costly legal dispute.